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Are you ready to take the next step and take the PTCB exam (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board)? Passing the nationally accredited PTCB examination is a requirement for many states in the US to work as a qualified Pharmacy Technician. Having passed this important test, and satisfying certain eligibility requirements, you will earn the distinguished Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) designation.

Pharmacy Techs who are certified report both higher earnings and more job opportunities as compared to those who do not have this distinguished certification. Earning this certification shows your current and potential employers your dedication to your field and gives you a strong sense of achievement.

To help you prepare to earn your designation, you should invest in one or more quality PTCB exam guide(s). In addition to the pharmacy tech training you worked long and hard at, a good study guide can make the difference in you passing the exam the first time!

Below we’ve pulled together the top 5 PTCB study guides for 2015 to help you pass the test!

1. PTCB Exam Simplified, 2nd Edition: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Study Guide by David A Heckman, PharmD

This is an updated and expanded version of the original study guide. The PTCB Exam Simplified focuses on providing the key elements that are outlined on the PTCB exam blueprint. The author structured this guide to have you actually solving questions with tons of practice problems and real life examples. Along with the practice questions, you will find full-length a practice test and practice test answer key.

Written by a pharmacist, the guide is very effective, efficient and practical for your preparation of the PTCB exam. Features of the book include:

  • Secrets to solving almost any pharmacy math problem
  • Listing of the top 200+ prescription drugs, over the counter (OTC) drugs and herbal supplements
  • Simple guide to interpreting prescriptions
  • Pharmacy law review
  • Visual guides using tables, illustrations and charts to assist learning quickly


2. Certification Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician – 3rd Edition by Mike Johnston

This 3rd edition study guide is designed to help exam takers pass the PTCB exam on the first attempt. It bases the study content weight to reflect the weight of the PTCB exam content – thus avoiding unnecessary and distracting materials that won’t help you get the score you need.

Included in this revised edition are nine all-new chapters that correspond to the PTCB exam blueprint. It also includes five practice tests, each designed to closely match the real exam experience.


3. Mosby’s Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination by James J. Mizner

This top selling exam book contains all the important information you need to pass the PTCB the first time. You’ll find notes, outlines, test-taking tips and even strategies for guessing if you come across a question you are not sure about. There are even digital flash cards included. The author of the guide, James Mizner, is himself an educator for pharmacy technicians. What better guide to help prepare you for the pharmacy tech examination than someone who is known and well regarded?

The guide also includes a simulated PTCB exam as practice. What a great way to help you prep and possibly chase away any jitters you might have. The latest edition is updated with the new PTCE blueprint that went into place. Each chapter is aligned with a knowledge domain for the PTCB. You can practice in sections, so that you are learning in knowledge blocks. Learn rapidly, one knowledge unit at a time.


4. Pharmacy Technician Exam by Learning Express Editors

This updated edition PTCB study guide has a solid reputation for delivering solid exam preparation. This book is even good for those without any background in pharmacy training or healthcare experience. The book is easy to understand and provides everything you need to know about the pharmacy technician examination. Pharmacy math is simple to learn using this guide.

The Pharmacy Technician Exam book contains information about pharmacy law, math, hospital equipment and the all-important drug list. The book includes:

  • Two full-length practice examinations with complete answers
  • Review of the pharmacy tech career, schools, courses and handy resources
  • Glossary of the key pharmacy tech terms
  • A review of pharmacy math and science, dosing, law, regulations and more

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5. Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician (APhA Pharmacy Technician Training Series) 4th edition by William A Hopkins

This PTCB exam guide focuses on the math portion of the examination. If you are like many people out there, extra help in solving math problems is probably something you need! This math book uses a welcoming approach with humor and active engagement to understand pharmacy calculations.

The author of the book, William A. Hopkins, is himself a pharmacist and also the author of the math chapters in another study guide: Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick-Study Guide.

Included in this math-focused PTCB study guide is:

  • 850 practice problems (103 are new and super-challenging)
  • 75 questions to challenge your interpretation of pharmaceutical product inserts
  • 101 real-world problems for after you past the test
  • A chapter to challenge your ability to see calculation errors in medication made by medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists).

Use this guide in conjunction with another guide on the list to give you a very well-rounded chance in scoring high on the PTCB exam.