Working as a pharmacy technician will require you to efficiently and effectively fulfill numerous duties from the moment you are hired.

Pharmacy techs work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to provide prescribed medicines and health care products to patients.

The routine tasks that technicians perform require not only your diligent attention to details but also efficiency to keep up with the demands of the pharmacy.

Below you will find the top 10 pharmacy technician duties you will be mostly likely required to complete on the job.

Understanding these top 10 pharmacy technician duties will help you excel in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician Duties

  1. Receiving and dispensing medication to fill a prescription. Pharmacy techs typically receives the prescriptions or request for prescription refills from patients. They must verify that all information on the written or electronic prescription is accurate and complete.
  2. Dispensing and assembling medications. Depending on the state in which you live, this may include accurately retrieving, counting, weighing, pouring and perhaps mixing medications per the prescription. The amount of responsibility a pharmacy technician has will depend on his or her education and training. Improperly filling a prescription can result in major illness or death.Top-10-Pharmacy-Technician-Duties
  3. Labeling and packaging prescription bottles. This includes preparation of the prescription labels, selecting the appropriate medicine container, and then affixing the prescription and supplementary labels onto the medicine container.
  4. Pricing and filling prescriptions. Pharmacy technician duties include pricing and filling the prescriptions for all patients. Basic mathematical skills including processing transactions and calculating the cost of prescriptions and insurance discounts are a necessary part of the job duties of most pharmacy technicians on a daily basis. After the prescription has been filled the pharmacist reviews it prior to being given to the patient.
  5. Reviewing patient records to determine possible drug interactions. Pharmacy technicians may work closely with pharmacists and enter information into a computerized database to determine whether drug interactions may occur when a patient is taking multiple medications. If uncertain a pharmacy technician may refer a patient to the pharmacist or their physician for further analysis.
  6. Discussing requests for prescriptions with doctors and insurance companies. Sometimes medication requests are refused by insurance companies. A pharmacy technician may need to work with insurance companies to help patients get medications approved for reimbursement. A pharmacy technician is often a critical team member and problem solver.
  7. Processing claims for medical insurance. Pharmacy technicians often process medical insurance claims before pricing prescriptions and processing prescriptions for patients.
  8. Maintaining proper storage and security for drugs. It is important to store prescriptions properly to ensure their safety and to ensure that prescriptions maintain quality standards. Many prescriptions must be kept under lock and key to ensure their integrity.
  9. Ordering pharmaceutical supplies. Pharmacy technicians must keep track of inventory and order supplies in time to make sure that supplies are readily available when needed. You may need to order some supplies and medications in expectation of needing them for patients that order medications on a regular basis.
  10. Performing administrative tasks. These tasks include stocking shelves for inventory, cleaning equipment, maintaining profiles of patients and answering telephones. Customer service is a large part of providing optimal service as a pharmacy technician. You will need to provide information to external customers and pharmacists, doctors and nurses. Being a good listener and patient will help you excel in your position.

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As you can see there are numerous duties that are required to be completed by pharmacy techs. They each required your attention and focus to complete them accurately.

Pharmacy technician duties are routinely performed, so over time you should become very proficient in carrying them out to serve your patients.